• “It is health that is the real wealth”
    Mahatma Gandi

    Vaccines have prevented countless cases of disease and disability and have saved millions of lives worldwide.

VisMederi Pharma is an Italian pharmaceutical company operating in the fields of Research, Development, Production and Marketing of pharmaceutical products, vaccines, rapid diagnostics and diagnostics, supplements and medical devices.

VisMederi Pharma is part of the larger VisMederi Group (www.vismederi.com), a group with relevant experience in evaluating the immunogenicity of vaccines, with particular attention to influenza and SARS-CoV-2 serology. 

Quality and Expertise

Quality and expertise are the main principles guiding our work, acting with professionalism to achieve our Company objectives.


VisMederi Pharma is a new and original reality which, however, arises from the extensive expertise of its founders. It aims at contributing to the improvement of people’s health and well-being through the development, production and distribution of therapeutic products, diagnostics, supplements and, in the future, vaccines, by adopting an innovative and original business model. VisMederi Pharma’s mission is to protect people from serious infectious diseases, including those caused by emerging pathogens, in order to foster rapid and timely diagnosis, as well as to offer support in the course of medical therapies. VisMederi Pharma operates in the Pharmaceutical Sciences sector, following a consolidated centuries-old tradition on the Sienese territory.


A prospective comparative study to evaluate the efficacy of nasal

A prospective comparative study to evaluate the efficacy of nasal (GENEDIA W COVID-19 Ag (Ref. 643K)) and nasopharyngeal (GENEDIA W COVID-19 Ag (Ref. 643G)) antigenic rapid tests produced by Green Cross Medical Science Corp, Seoul, South Korea,  for the identification of...
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